SMD Storage


Storing SMD resistors and capacitors will always be a problem until we eventually integrate all passives in ICs or the PCB itself. Until now, I have been storing the little crumbs in the Digi-key and Mouser bags they come in, I would use what I needed on the PCB and put the rest back in and tape it closed. The hundreds of bags I have accumulated over the years have ended up in cardboard boxes laying variously around the office. When I need a part and don’t have time to wait for shipping (which is why I bother saving these little 1/10 cent things) I have to spend 10+ minutes searching through the boxes. I decided a week ago I really needed to change my “system” and set up a proper storage arrangement. I was very excited to come across these little boxes on Adafruit. I immediately ordered 4 10-packs ($3.95 each!) and this wonderful label maker from Amazon for $19. Five annoying hours later, I had compressed 90% of my parts into a few common values. I even had enough to throw some ICs and LEDs I use into them. I am very satisfied of the quality of these boxes, I have dropped a few with 0402 parts and none fell out. The boxes have a spring-loaded lid and snap together very easily.

My end goal is to never have to order a fairly common passive component ever again (and reduce the complexity of setting up a BOM for a low-volume run).





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  1. / ReplyGhastlygadgeteer
    Try using the plastic tubes that coin collectors store coins in. They have screw top lids. They come different sizes... nickel and quarter size work great. Dont worry that they are not labeled "anti-static" I have had no problems storing discrete or ICs in the tubes. You can then store the tubes inside drawers of an ordinary parts bin.
  2. / Replycolton3
    Thanks for the tip, I will try that out.

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