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This portfolio was created May 2017, contact me for updated portfolio, my resume has been updated

Colton Black is the 22 year-old CTO and Co-Founder of Robotics Unlimited Inc. (raised $500K seed in 2014). Colton is a self-taught engineer that has 5 years of industry experience, and 10 years of programming and robotics as a hobby. In the past, he worked at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition on the FastRunner robot, HexRunner robots, and a few human exoskeletons. Before the IHMC, he interned at Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics) in Boston where he designed robot drive tests, designed and built calibration rigs, and debugged the low-level robot firmware. He specializes in electronics design and firmware for micro-controller-based 8 and 32-bit systems.

In high school, Colton built countless robots, programmed computer games, and started a FIRST team. His projects include, modifying an electric go-kart for remote control, custom quadcopter control firmware, an autonomous ground vehicle, robot arms, a hexapod robot, and countless weekend adventures.

He has designed motor drivers for brushed and brushless motors, 2D and 3D capacitive touch sensors, Bluetooth and generic radios with >1km range, single and multi-cell lithium-polymer/ion protection/charging/management circuits, low-power wearables, quadcopters, infrared distance and gesture arrays, LED displays, audio playback, and more. Colton has also written firmware to control 5+ motor robots with individual encoders and many sensors using one low-cost single-core microcontroller, emotional AI system, LED, OLED, and LCD graphics engines, robust multi-slave bus protocols, USB communications, custom radio protocols, GPS guidance, and more.

Colton uses Altium Designer to design circuit boards (with some experience in Eagle and KiCad), Solidworks for mechanical CAD, and many different IDEs and debugging tools for embedded and software development.

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Dancing cube robot with simple AI

Gesture controlled RC car

Low-cost modular standing desk


Unique off-road RC vehicle

Smart AC system with motorized air vents

IHMC (not confidential)

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