Colton Black is the 22 year-old CTO and Co-Founder of Robotics Unlimited Inc. (raised $500K seed in 2014). Colton is a self-taught engineer that has 5 years of industry experience, and 10 years of programming and robotics as a hobby. He has built countless complex robotic platforms and consumer products that aim to be low-cost but with high-end functionality. In the past, he worked at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition on the FastRunner robot, HexRunner robots, and a few human exoskeletons. Before the IHMC, he interned at Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics) in Boston where he designed robot drive tests, designed and built calibration rigs, and debugged the low-level robot firmware. He specializes in electronics design and firmware for micro-controller-based 8 and 32-bit systems.


  • Prototype electronics and firmware
  • Circuit design
  • Product plausibility study
  • Turn prototype into a manufacturable product