30A Brushless ESC (4-layer)

The OnoESC

OnoESC : 32-bit 30A 3S Sensor-less Brush-less Motor Controller

The OnoESC is a 30A 3S sensor-less brush-less motor controller that is Arduino Zero compatible. I was searching for a low-cost opensource quad-copter-style ESC for a while and none turned up, so I decided this could be a good project to start.

I plan to make a 4-in-1 version in as well as a 4S version.

Current specs:

  • Atmel ARM M0+ 48MHz microcontroller (ATSAMD21G18A-AU)
  • 30 amps continous, >80 amps peak (TPN3R704PL,L1Q) (probably over-kill)
  • Proper bridge drivers (LM5109BSD/NOPB) (may switch)
  • 2 to 3S (6.6V to 12.6V)
  • Current monitoring (with the ACS711KEXLT-31AB-T)
  • Various control methods; PWM, I2C, Serial, USB, OneShot
  • ~$10 BOM @1000
  • 3.3V DC-DC converter
  • 20mm x 43mm PCB

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