StandiT : Modular standing desk

Electronics and Firmware

StandiT is a modular standing desk consisting of up to 6 linear actuators. StandiT allows the user to assemble their own standing desk, you buy the top through us or supply your own. The legs easily mount to any wooden surface, in any shape. The legs are daisy chained together making the assembly easy for anyone. The desk also features a Bluetooth connected app that allows use tracking and personalization.

StandiT leg board consists of:

  • 8-bit micro
  • 10A Motor driver
  • Current monitor for current control
  • Shunt relay for braking (keeps desk from sliding down without being powered)
  • Potentiometer based position control

StandiT front panel consists of:

  • 8-bit micro
  • Bluetooth module
  • 128×64 OLED monochrome display
  • 4 capacitive touch buttons


Standit - Office 1