Boxe : Robotic companion toy

Electronics & Firmware

Boxe is a 5-DOF robotic cube that dances and plays music. The robot is a cube when it is off, and when turned on, it unfolds into a humanoid.


  • 3D capacitive sensor for gesture recognition
  • 5 custom motors with potentiometer feedback
  • M0+ ARM Atmel microcontroller
  • 10-bit audio playback
  • Array of 32-LEDs for eyes
  • Bluetooth


  • Play music and dance
  • Record a dance and play it back
  • Has simple emotional responses such as getting annoyed when you move the motors around too much, getting excited when you play with it, getting sad or bored when you leave it alone.

With the app:

  • Create a dance sequence using a timeline screen, user drags preset moves onto the timeline and Boxe can then do the dance you create
  • New eye patterns can be drawn
  • Real-time control of Boxe